About 95% of affected areas in the West Division are now supplied with electricity


Energy Fiji Limited says about 95% of the affected areas in Viti Levu’s Western Division are now supplied with power after an unforeseen major blackout five days ago.

They expect all affected areas to be supplied with electricity by the end of the week.

Many residents told us they experienced fluctuations in their power supply as EFL teams restore power.

Some residents said their devices were not working following several outages over the past few days.

Arti Vandhana Gopal from Nadi says that due to the fluctuation their frozen meat is now bad.

Gopal says she also runs a restaurant and her business has been hit.

We also spoke to other businesses and residents of the West Division about the power situation in their area.

EFL CEO Hasmukh Patel said he had not received any reports from customers regarding damage to devices as a result of the outages.

He says he wants to assure people that blackouts won’t damage any device

The 132,000-volt transmission line that supplies the Wailoa and Nadarivatu hydropower plants went off on Saturday, causing a blackout in the West Division.

EFL then had to use its thermal generation available in the west of Viti Levu to ration and supply electricity to the west division.

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